Friday, June 6, 2014

Xtreme Funnel System

Short for XFS: Xtreme Funnel System is a one-time $40 payment in a 2x1 cycler into a 2x2 cycler. You come in at the Silver level one time out of pocket payment of $40. You refer two people to sign up under you then you will cycle the Silver and that pays your auto entry into the Gold 2x2 matrix. Finally, when your 2 signups get their 2 under them for 6 in total under you, you then cycle out Gold and earn $230 with an auto re-entry into Gold again. So you can cycle Gold over and over again. To find out why this is a better cycler than most, you can  read about it HERE!!!

For better understanding, check out the short video below that explains about the compensation plan. 

And finally, if you have made the decision and feel like joining then visit the link HERE!!! to register. Good luck!

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